Web Design & Development

When targeting the Sri Lankan market, we at Mediawize takes into consideration the fact that this market consists of customers from different ethnic groups and use different languages. Hence your corporate web site design should be user friendly to each of them. We work to make them feel connected to you through the effective use of communication strategies creatively placed within your websites design and layout.

With the increase usage of smart phones and tablets, customers are now able to keep updated, search and even do business transactions from anywhere in the country. Mediawize helps you to strengthen this connection by enabling your web design to be accessible from any mobile device. We make sure that your customers stay connected to you even on the go.

Your corporate website becomes the first impression customers have of your company. It becomes your online identity and Mediawize will ensure that it is a strong and effective one. For it is important that your customers not only visit your site frequently but also recommends it to others.

Mediawize will develop and enhance your website to help cater your products and services online in a manner that appeals directly to your customers. Not only do we make our web sites user friendly, we also pack them with innovative features and advanced technology to eliminate lengthy waiting and loading times.

Our group of experts is here to help you with all your web designs, web hosting and development needs, content management systems, e commerce and e marketing solutions, online shopping solutions, Search engine optimization (SEO) and so much more.