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Content Management System vs. Static

When deciding between a content management system and a static html system the question you need to answer is whether you are willing to evolve or stay constant in your web design. In a time where people of all ages and professions link to information and each other within a digital world it is essential for you to create your own web presence.


Responsive websites - The optimized digital experience

It is the era of technology and rapid growth. This has allowed us to reach to a wider range of audience in our communities, countries and even throughout the world. However, as easy as it is to reach these audiences, how do we detain them from leaving us to other competing corporations who are just as reachable as we are?


Top Five Web Design Trends for the year 2013

Web designs have been constantly evolving since the time of its inception. Designers and developers enhance, edit, change or optimize their designs based on the requirements and the reactions of the end user. Is it attractive, easy to navigate, interesting content, clarity and positioning of images, is it responsive and most importantly does the viewer love it?


Graphic Design Trends that break the norm in 2013


Graphic Designs – What not to do!

Everyone is talking about the next best thing in graphic designs, but how would you know which paths should simply not be tread when developing your next best web design.

The rules are simple and the guidelines are clear, that is if you know just where to look. So let us start with some of the basic trends one should not consider in graphic design.

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