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Graphic Design Trends that break the norm in 2013

With this in mind, let us now look at three of the best graphic designs to set the trend for 2013.

As in the development of any graphic design, it is important to remember that no matter how trendy, new, or vibrant the design is it has only about 10 seconds to capture the viewers’ attention. With the hectic lifestyle many lead, it takes only a few precious moments for a person to decide for or against the graphic design layout of a webpage. Those few seconds could make or break the deal.

Trend one – The Visual Culture

As technology evolves, it uses visual images to enhance and make an instant impact with the targeted audience. Keeping in mind the minor time frame in which to make a lasting impact, visuals used to communicate entire stories. Their clarity helps the viewer to understand and relate.

Thus, images have become larger and resolutions high depth while text are shown sparingly and placed in a creative manner that simply grabs the attention without overloading the senses with information. The “less is more” theme becomes more prominent with trendier graphic designs as we advance into 2013.

The growing visual culture has thus cleared out the path for minimalist design. Large and vivid photography and big bright images with striking bold text now leads the way as the being the  best liked of all trends to hit the world of web design.

Drop shadows, gradients, bursts, retro effects, bevel/embossed and cursive texts have fast become outdated. The newest designs show three-dimensional images through the addition of various textures to the designs to show depth. Creative patterns can also be similarly included giving each graphic design a unique outlook.

With the rise of touch screens, the need for bigger tabs has taken prominence in design development. They save time and stress on the part of the user when the buttons are easy to tap, and fast to connect.

Trend two – The Illustrated view

The name of the game is – be original!

The best method to be original and unique is by the strategic use of hand drawn illustrations. Not only is it totally unique but it is also more personal to the specific web site. This makes it stand out and be innovative.

Gone are the days in which the traditional starburst captured the attention of the viewers. Stock graphic images are fast becoming obsolete. Viewers now look for images that are imaginative, eye catching and even thought provoking.

Another new development in graphic designing is the popular use of Vector illustrations. Designers show a growing preference to vector illustrations by using iconography. The illustrations thus become more attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Trend three – Typography Unleashed

Playing it safe is a thing of the past. Custom set professional typography has been set aside for a new variety of font styles that are big bold and unique. Graphic designers no longer find themselves limited by basic font styles and can now diverse to the use of richer font that are more creative and personalized to suite the overall design of the website.

While Script fonts, vintage and retro typography are thriving in many graphic designs the most prominent typography designs to take on 2013 are the “hand drawn fonts”. Hand drawn typography is growing in demand due to its ability in customizing to any web design making it unique and more personalized.

Staying in tune with the trends that will shape the path of graphic design in the year 2013 is your ticket to success. Now is the time to unleash your creativity and let your graphic designs take the world by storm.

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