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Graphic Designs – What not to do!

Everyone is talking about the next best thing in graphic designs, but how would you know which paths should simply not be tread when developing your next best web design.

The rules are simple and the guidelines are clear, that is if you know just where to look. So let us start with some of the basic trends one should not consider in graphic design.

Special effect on typography such as drop shadows, bevels and emboss, blurring, glow text, retro fonts are frequently overused. They are losing their effectiveness and seen by many as a distracting influence on a web page. The demand for simpler, bigger, bolder fonts grows and creativity shines through hand drawn typography designs.

It is best to keep in mind that ‘less is best” try not to go into elaborate designs which will only leave the viewer confused and lost in navigation. Simple graphic designs are attractive while being an ease to navigate which saves time and helps to increase the user’s satisfaction.

Another thing to watch out for is animated website visitor counters. As useful as they are in indicating the popularity of any website, their flashy animated views can be a distraction to many and cause guests to doubt the validity of the numbers indicated therein. If a web counter must be included in the design then a simple professional look is the best. The same goes for many of the animated flashy icon and advertisements that may look cute at first but can cause an annoyance big enough to stop a viewer from coming back.
Similarly, animated backgrounds that are full of activity can confuse a visitor and distract his attention from the key content. When it comes to backgrounds, a bad choice of color can also have a negative effect on the viewer. Bright and bold colors are making a comeback and many graphic designers now use transparent layers of color in many contrasting hues that complement each other while capturing the eye of the viewer.

A good graphic design is one that remains consistent throughout the website. No matter how attractive and pleasing your home page is, if the inner pages are dull, boring or hard to navigate the viewers will walk out.

The above points should not divert you from being creative and innovative in your graphic designs. They are a simple guideline on which potholes to look out for when designing your next dynamic website. So do be creative, imaginative and try out various designs and color palettes until you find the one most suited.

Being aware of the latest trends and their success rates with the viewers is always a good way to find out which trend would help enhance your website to be one of the best.

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